Yandere Simulator

Yandere Simulator

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Win Senpai’s love in Yandere Simulator. You are going to take the role of a quiet girl whose name is Ayano. Her existence was meaningless until she met her Senpai. This event changed everything and now she needs him to be only hers. However, there are some rivals that will disturb you. Get rid of them one way or another and make the boy choose you.

Determine your own future

In Yandere Simulator you have to eliminate your opponent during a week. Otherwise, the girl will tell Taro about her feelings and your mission will be failed. So, don’t let anyone approach your beloved person! There are many ways on how to do that and you don’t even need to kill the girl sometimes.

Of course, eliminating the girl is one of the easiest approaches in Yandere Simulator. But there is one feature in the game that makes this option quite risky. Ayano has sanity that can go down from certain actions, including murders. If it drops too low, her reputation will be ruined and she may start killing other students uncontrollably.

Luckily, you can restore your sanity with insane laughter or looking at a photo of Senpai. Although, make it secretly, so that you don’t get uncovered. In addition, acquiring some skills may help you to keep your sanity on a decent level.

Dive into school life

If you wish to develop a certain skill in Yandere Simulator, you need to learn, just like in real life. Attend lessons to increase the girl’s abilities that will come in handy if you choose a more elaborate way to destroy your opponents.

Moreover, it won’t be superfluous to build more or less friendly relationships with other students to be able to manipulate them brilliantly! It is even possible to get your rival expelled from school. Everything is in your hands, if you do somebody a favour, they will do the same for you.

Consequently, you will have to accomplish some quests in order to acquire a new friend. You should also have enough skills to fluently ask a student to do or say something. This may help you to reveal hidden secrets of your rivals that you can use against them.

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