Amai Yandere AI Girlfriend Simulator

Amai Yandere AI Girlfriend Simulator

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Yandere Simulator is a game that will give you the opportunity to become a student of an ordinary Japanese school. However, Ayano is not just a simple teenage girl. She is obsessed with Taro, her classmate and she intends to commit some horrible crimes to be with him.

Act before it is too late

The gameplay in Yandere Simulator includes multiple aspects, but your main goal always stays the same. You have to eliminate your adversaries to be able to confess to Senpai yourself. Having only one week for each of them, you have to develop a certain tactic and bring it to life.

Remember, that the price of a mistake can be really high in Yandere Simulator. If you commit an assault and another student sees it, they will immediately tell a teacher about this and you will spend some years in prison. So, before accomplishing your plan, make sure that nobody will notice it.

Experiment with different approaches

For each rival, you may pick up a perfect way of elimination. Get as much information about her as possible and decide what approach you are going to stick to. For example, during the second week, you will deal with Amai Odayaka. She is the sweetest girl you have ever met and it is clear that Senpai likes her. You know that she is a member of the Cooking Club and this gives you many possibilities.

As Ayano is quite a talented girl, she can easily join any club by talking with its leader. So, you need to talk to Amai and ask her to include you in the club. This way you will have a chance to eliminate her. Use a knife as a weapon or poison the food to imitate an accident.

But the game lets you use other paths, depending on your preferences. You may destroy your opponent’s reputation, kidnap her and torture her in your basement, pay Yakuza to eliminate her instead of you and those are not even half of all possible methods!

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