Yandere AI Girlfriend Simulator Unblocked

Yandere AI Girlfriend Simulator Unblocked

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Use your intelligence and soft skills to achieve your main goal in this Yandere Simulator. And the mission in this game will be quite simple, you should make your insane girlfriend open the door of her apartment and let you out. But it is easier to say than to do. The girl, like a person in real life, has her own thoughts, opinions and tastes that you need to consider.

Prepare for a verbal battle

In Yandere AI Girlfriend Simulator your destiny depends on your ability to manipulate people. If you find a weak spot for the girl, don’t hesitate to use it against her. Remember that she is dangerous and you surely don’t want to stay in her apartment for a long time.

Thus, the gameplay doesn’t contain a lot of action. The only thing you have to do is talk. You can do it either in the chat or using a microphone. Although the latter way will give you a more realistic experience. Unfortunately, the game didn’t give the girl her own voice yet, but it may become a real feature in the next updates.

In any case, you will be able to read her answers on top of the screen. Also, keep an eye on the girl herself. You can spot the difference in her mood looking at her face. If you say something unpleasant and make her angry, you will see her face changing.

Lead your way to the exit

Moreover, your girlfriend can deliberately move between rooms. But so can you, too! In Yandere AI Girlfriend Simulator you are free to apply anything you can find in the house. The girl may not be very glad you are roaming through her personal belongings, though. That is why you should always have an excuse for your actions.

The Yandere AI Girlfriend Simulator gameplay even offers you to deal with a couple of riddles. However, you need to encounter them first. Once you do it, try to accomplish a brain teaser before your enemy decides to interrupt you. But if you manage to solve all of them, the game will give you an opportunity to run away without the girl’s permission.

But the most impressive aspect of Yandere AI Girlfriend Simulator is the absolutely random generation of the events. It means that the game never repeats itself and it is nearly impossible to develop a universal strategy on how to complete it.

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