Yandere AI Girlfriend Simulator 2

Yandere AI Girlfriend Simulator 2

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Your girlfriend went mad and won’t let you out of her apartment! Will you manage to persuade her to let you go or will she keep you in her place forever? Do everything you can to avoid the sad ending and escape your crazy girlfriend’s house in Yandere AI Girlfriend Simulator.

Get out of the trap

Yandere AI Girlfriend Simulator will start with you wondering how you occurred in this strange room. But the girl won’t make you wait for her for too long. She will tell you that you lost your memory and don’t remember anything about their relationships. But you are absolutely sure that this whole story is a lie!

Look around the apartment and figure out what really happened. The girl may give out the truth herself, if you ask her right. You will notice that she is overly obsessed with you. Use it to convince her to do various things for you. Although, the game requires you to be nice to her, or she will suspect that you are not sincere.

The gameplay in Yandere AI Girlfriend Simulator is genuinely simple, as you just need to talk with your kidnapper. Moreover, you may talk about anything you want, as you are not limited to pre-made replicas! Type down something in the chat and the girl will react to it. However, be ready for the fact that her reaction may be not very pleasing.

When she starts looking at you with a mad expression and her eyes turn bloody red, you know that you have probably done something wrong. If you systematically insult her and don’t apologise, the game will be over. You may try to make her blood boil, but the consequences will be deadly.

Outsmart the computer

As the girlfriend in the game is in fact artificial intelligence, you will have to work really hard to prove that you are smarter. However, there are little hints scattered all over the place that will give you a chance to make the girl do as you want. You may ask her politely or even threaten her. Whatever way you choose, try not to become her victim before she agrees to let you out.

Solve a couple of riddles in the apartment to receive valuable information about your insane girlfriend. If you don’t find the keys that will open the exit, you will at least learn something new about the girl.

Any facts about her life may save you and come in handy during the conversations in the game. Yandere AI Girlfriend Simulator lets you act according to your personal scenario. Flabbergast your kidnapper with sudden questions and see how she will react.

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