Yandere AI Girlfriend Simulator

Yandere AI Girlfriend Simulator

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Chat with a creepy girl who doesn’t want to let you out of her apartment and convince her to release you by any means. In Yandere AI Girlfriend Simulator you are going to receive quite a difficult mission. To accomplish it, use your communication skills together with logic and strategy.

Communication is a key to success

The gameplay in Yandere AI Girlfriend Simulator consists mostly of talking with your new virtual friend, who is a charming girl. But is she really your friend? And why can’t you remember how you ended up in her apartment? All this seems extremely suspicious and soon you are going to figure out why!

The game offers you two ways to communicate with your kidnapper. The first one is a chat where you can write whatever you want and the girl will reply to you. The most interesting aspect is that the answers are always different, as the girl is powered by AI. So, you will never get two similar runs!

If you want to add even more realism to the game, you can even talk to your enemy via microphone. Just make sure that you say everything loudly and clearly, or the girl may understand you wrong. Such misunderstanding can lead to unexpected consequences, that is why it is better to be extra careful. Otherwise, you may end up staying in her place forever.

Investigate your prison

If you are locked in the apartment, why don’t you examine it? The gameplay in Yandere AI Girlfriend Simulator also includes a sort of puzzle solving. They may not be necessary parts of the game, but such little detail will tell you more about your enemy.

Consequently, you will have more topics to discuss with her. Remember, that in this game you must earn her trust if you want to at least stay alive. It will be even better, if you find a way to distract the girl with something. This won’t be an easy task, as she is surprisingly smart, but you are still able to bamboozle her into letting you alone.

Although, if you don’t manage to carry out your plan, she won’t kill you instantly. In Yandere AI Girlfriend Simulator you have three lives and each hit will take away one of them. So, don’t waste your health and try to escape stealthily.

Of course, apart from a happy ending, you may receive a bad one. If you make your kidnapper angry with inappropriate questions, she may bring out a knife and you will immediately regret your decisions. When you see her eyes turning red, you will know that she is on the verge of committing a murder.

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