Ayano Yandere AI Girlfriend Simulator

Ayano Yandere AI Girlfriend Simulator

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Help Ayano, an ordinary school girl, to make her dreams come true. She wants to get attention from her beloved Senpai, but he doesn’t seem to be interested in her. Moreover, you notice that other girls are interested in him! If one of them confesses to him, your life will lose sense, so make everything you can to become the only girl he wants to be with.

Prepare yourself for the confrontation

To be able to get rid of each opponent, Ayano needs to acquire a set of skills. Get stronger, smarter and learn some special tricks that will definitely amaze your rivals. Although, don’t let anyone notice that you are doing something illegal! If your reputation becomes too bad, you will have certain problems in communication.

But if Senpai notices you doing suspicious things, the game will be over. You can’t allow this to happen, so keep your business a secret. In Yandere Simulator Ayano is capable of covering her insane personality, so she will act normally until her sanity drops. This may lead to very unpleasant consequences, so you better keep her psychological state stable.

Leave no proofs to the police

The main hero of Yandere Simulator can not only kill well, but also communicate with her classmates. If you manage to earn their trust, you will unlock hundreds of possibilities to remove your rivals even without committing assaults. Gossip here and there and make the girl leave the school with shame.

However, the gameplay implies constant character development as well. Thus, to gain access to some options, weapons and locations, you will need to raise particular skills. Yandere Simulator offers you to do this with the help of school lessons. Or you can participate in various clubs. The latter one will also give you additional bonuses, depending on the club.

Besides, you can make your game a little bit easier in a curious way. If you write to Info-chan, you may ask her about useful services that include changing your or your rivals’ reputation, providing dark secrets and more. But you need to pay for each service with something.

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